Making sales and winning projects can be long and complicated. The deals we make in the Pro AV world already take enough time and energy, that’s why we are bringing you a simple loyalty program designed to reward you for every Metro Tech Reps manufacturer product you sell.

  • You supply the PO Number, Total Amount of the Order and an uploaded copy of the PO.

  • We’ll reward you on the total cost of products sold based on the percentages noted below.

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  • Registration is required and must be approved by Metro Tech Reps

  • Registrants must be in Sales or Engineering department of their company

  • Registrants must live within Metro Tech Reps territory

  • Registrants must provide SSN to be eligible.  A 1099 will be issued

  • Only registered participants will qualify

  • Claims must be from a PO that Metro Tech Reps is eligible to receive commission on.

  • Claims must be made within 60 days of PO date

  • Claims must include an uploaded copy of the PO to the manufacturer

  • Only one Claim per PO is allowed

  • Reward is based on cost from the manufacturer, not the sell cost to the client

  • Rewards will be paid 60-90 days after claim date

  • Metro Tech Reps reserves the right to delay payment of reward beyond 90 days if payment of invoice is not made to the manufacturer.

  • Metro Tech Reps reserves the right to create a negative balance if a product is returned for any reason after registration or payment of reward

  • Program may end anytime.  Registrations submitted after program ends will not be eligible

  • Metro Tech Reps reserves the right to deny any reward for any reason